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Welcome to Endurance Zone

Every accomplishment begins with a goal, that goal has a starting point the Endurance Zone. As we believe that is each persons beginning stage and where they transition and begin to head towards their end goal. The Endurance Zone helps provide athletes the foundational tools, community, events, and resources to build their map and travel the journey to their destination.

Please note the “soft” launch of our platform over the next few weeks please check back or sign-up for our Endurance Zone Alerts. As we will be opening many new areas of content, live events and so much more. We are excited to share this journey with each of you.

Check below for what the Endurance Zone will be bringing to you and will be rolling out during the upcoming weeks.

Real Mothers of TriathlonIRONMAN champions Mirinda Carfrae and Meredith Kessler are going to swim, bike, and run this Mother’s Day weekend in a unique virtual event to encourage the triathlon community.

“The Real Mothers of Triathlon with Meredith and Rinny” will take place on Saturday, May 9 and allows fans to spectate or participate in the virtual triathlon celebration. Carfrae and Kessler will be able to interact with fans and live guests as they race from their respective homes in Boulder, Colorado, and Columbus, Ohio

“It’s always a pleasure to share the ‘race’ course with Meredith but more importantly in this circumstance so we can engage with our community,” says three-time IRONMAN World Champion Mirinda Carfrae. “I’m hoping we can inspire others to join in for as much or little of the event as they like.”

The pre-race show will begin at 10:30 am May 9, with Carfrae and Kessler beginning the swim at 11 am. Viewers can tune in for free on the Endurance Zone platform, as well as participate in the virtual 58-mile bike and 10-mile run.

The virtual race presentation will be hosted by Robert “Fireman Rob” Verhelst of the Endurance Zone. There will be appearances from the voice of IRONMAN Mike Reilly, Bob Babbitt, and professional triathlete Ben Hoffman among others. There will be an opportunity to support the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Fans who participate on the platform will have access to exclusive product discounts and giveaways while being inspired to keep moving during this time when traditional racing is on hold.

“During this unique time, we have understandably been trying to find ways to compete and engage with other athletes and our partners,” Kessler says. This event is our way to truly celebrate and thrive, TOGETHER, with mothers and endurance enthusiasts everywhere.”

What Endurance Zone will deliver for you...

Your Why

Your Why

This section will help you to focus on the why that can drive your daily training, your race day, and beyond.

This section will include:

  • – Developing Your Why
  • – Inspiring Stories / People
  • – High Five Talks
  • – Challenged Athlete Foundation
  • – Running for the Fallen Program
Your Team

Your Team

This section is focused on all the Team components that Endurance Zone has to offer athletes from first-time triathletes to elite aspiring athletes looking to go Pro. We have a team fit for everyone

This section will include:

Your Journey

This section will cover all the aspects that your journey in triathlon will include.  From influencers to professionals to coaches, this section will be a great resource for your journey whether your first triathlon or 100th triathlon.

This section will include in-depth details, training videos, nutrition tips, sports psychology and more. All from industry experts and certified professionals within their area of expertise:

  • – Swimming
  • – Biking
  • – Running
  • – Strength
  • – Mental
  • – Transition
  • – Nutrition
  • – Strength
  • – Recovery
  • – Support Crew
  • – Training Plans
  • – Coaching

Each section will breakdown the information you need to succeed.

Your Events

Your Events

This section will be a resource for TZero and Industry related triathlon events.

This section will include:

  • – Endurance Zone Seminars
  • – Endurance Zone Training Camps
  • – Signature Endurance Zone events
  • – Live Endurance Zone Broadcast events
  • – Conferences

Your Day

This section is your resource for all the Race Day (Week) information that you need to enjoy your journey’s pinnacle.

This section will include:

  • – Logistics
  • – Mindset
  • – Checklists
  • – Tips
  • – Course Reviews
  • – Spectator Details and Points of Interest
  • – Athlete Meet Ups
Your Travel

Your Travel

This section will help you with saving you time and money in your travels to your events.

This section will include:

  • – Basic Endurance Travel
  • – Concierge Endurance Travel
  • – Travel Checklists
  • – Travel Packages
  • – Discounts with our Industry Partners (bike shipping), Race Wheels
Your Network

Your Endurance Zone Network

The Endurance Zone Network aims to bring you fresh content live to wherever you are whenever you need it. While working out, in the car, on the go, or just relaxing. Be inspired, gain knowledge, and learn from others…

This section will include:

  • – Great Podcasts
  • – Endurance Zone Ezine
  • – Video Product Reviews
  • – Fantastic Partner and Vendor Discounts and Promotions
  • – Endurance Zone TV
Pro World

Pro World

This section will be your resource for all things in the Professional Triathlete Community

This section will include:

  • – Professional Triathlete Biographies
  • – Race Previews
  • – Race Results
  • – Professional Interviews
  • – Behind the Scenes
Coaches World

Coaches World

This section will be a great resource for triathlon coaches to hone their skills and learn from others.